Saturday, May 13, 2017, at 11:00 am

Location: Gibson County High School, 130 Trenton Hwy, Dyer, TN 38330
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Sponsored by the Gibson County FFA and 4-H programs.

With Guest Consignors

Auctioneer’s Comment: In its second year we have a group of outstanding consignments for this annual sale — Goats for the show ring to win the ribbons or breeding stock to take home to the farm. There will be something for everyone.

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This doe recently weaned her first set of twins. She kidded unassisted and had an outstanding maternal instinct. She will be an asset to any breeding program.

   Download Registration Document

   Download Registration Document

The doe just weaned off triplets and did a great job with them. She has always been a good mom and just produced 2 dappled does and a solid red buck when we bred her to our red buck. She is show correct and sells open for you to breed her to your choice of buck. You don’t find a lot of these bloodlines around here in Tennessee so get her while she is in the ring. She has also produced traditional kids when bred to a traditional buck.

Her DOB is -4-26-13. Abga # 10621783

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Add this doe to your breeding program! She sells exposed to our Firebalz son we bought from Judy Kimbrell. If she is not bred then bring her back. She is 2x2 and show correct, I expect that she will throw color. Her mom is a red doe and the sire to the kids is solid red. She’s ready to produce winners.

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By “3WB Solid As A Rock” and out of “ZTJ 50 Shades of Rev” being offered as buck kid or wether. (If bought as Buck, he price will be doubled what he sells for as wether, if sold as wether, he will be banded at the end of sale).

Freaky made buck kid that is exceptional in terms of natural thickness and correctness. He is fat backed and pumped up on both his ends. This guy will keep your driveway full with passer-bys, admiring your selection of a top notch stock.

As far as a wether prospect, this guy can be pushed hard for the early wins or ease him in on a feed program for the big wins later in the season.

If your looking for a buck, it’s quite simple. Bid this guy home and bring home the new piece of the puzzle to produce those super cool kids that produce ribbons and/or profit!

Siblings to this guy also sell in the same sale (wethers and doe kids).

This aged doe has been a constant in our show string. As a yearling she won the Effingham County Fair in Illinois. We have retained one of her offspring and is in our show string as a yearling this year. Her sire is one of F & H Ranch’s top bucks. She has been pasture exposed, but not confirmed.

   Download Registration Document

   Download Registration Document

I’m offering one of the best producing and easiest keeping does with her buck kid on her side from my operation. She nor her kid will be pictured, to keep you on the edge of your seat. Hold on though, it’s gonna be an awesome offering. The doe is “YCGF The Great Catsby” and she is raising an explosive buck kid sired by “AABG Booyah”. This buck kid has a pedigree that is paired up for great things. He is developing just right for that show prospect you’ve been searching for. Born the first of March and ready for great things. Pictured is his sire and his half sister from two years ago. You paint the picture of him and be ready to have it exceeded when you show to bid.

This is a big stout yearling fullblood doe. She is wide-based, big-topped, and show correct. take a good look at her pedigree. her papers are pending at ABGA.

   Download Registration Document

   Download Registration Document

This is a very nice American Purebred Doe she is super complete, if you are looking for a show doe don’t pass her by. She is show correct, her pedigree speaks for itself. Her papers are pending at ABGA.

   Download Registration Document

   Download Registration Document

Wow! This is a good Jr. Percentage doe. She is wide-based, and has a big top in her. She is show correct. Don’t let her get away!

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Personal Property Terms: Payment in full day of sale. Cash or good check with bank letter unless personally known by Auction Co.


All Announcements Day of Sale Take Precedence Over All Advertised Media. Auction Company reserves the right to group and regroup tracts to achieve the highest possible price for seller.

All information provided herein is believed to be reliable but cannot be guaranteed due to the possibility of human error. Please let us know if you notice inaccuracies.

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